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What is Your Carrot?

Have you heard the saying, “What is your Carrot?” It refers to the idea of dangling a carrot on a stick. The thing you want but can’t quite grasp. 

I often ask my clients what their carrot is, and then I work on ways to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

For the most part, the carrot is something that feels unrelatable. Something so far out of reach, you could never grasp it. Which is where having a coach is helpful. I am here to help keep you on track and make sure your goals are met and exceeded. 

New Year, New Focus! I am not big into setting resolutions at the beginning of each year, but I am on board with finding your carrot to help achieve your fitness goals. Your carrot can be a goal of weight loss, outstanding athletic achievement, or becoming your healthiest at any age. With a holistic mindset and the right attitude, I can help you take steps to get closer to those carrots. #whatsyourcarrot 

When I turned 41, my carrot was to compete in a bodybuilding competition. It wasn’t the most far fetched goal for me physically. But it was mentally. It was something I knew I would have to work hard to achieve. So I set out to build my body and my mind, and after 20 weeks of preparation, I was my leanest at 7%! I went on to win many bodybuilding competitions and my pro card. My carrot also allowed me to garnish valuable tools that helped me to understand how to improve the wellness of my clients. 

Achieving that goal is something I will never forget. 

I am here to be your inspiration to accomplish your fitness and wellness goals. What’s your Carrot for 2020? Let your Carrot be your motivator to a healthier, happier, leaner, and competitive you. #whatsyourcarrot 

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