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Overcoming Stress During The Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time for many reasons. You have events to attend, family to entertain, and gifts to buy. Not only that - But during the holidays it is really easy to get off track with your workout schedule and health goals, in general. So here are three easy tips to overcoming that holiday stress before it sneaks up on you: 

1. Stick with your daily health routine - Though the holidays are busy and full of routine rocking circumstances, don’t let that get in your way. Meal prep if you already are, keep going to the gym if you already do. Make sure to maintain the same routine you have been to keep your mind fresh on your goals and make the post holidays easier to adapt back into. 

2. Don’t overextend yourself - It is easy to get caught up in “Yes” during the holidays. You want to attend all the parties, and see all the family you don’t normally get to see. Make sure to take time to check in with yourself and don’t overextend your own health to keep up with everyone else. 

3. Take a me moment and get a massage - What might be most important over the holidays is to remember YOU. Don’t forget to take a moment or two to yourself and get away. A massage is always a nice idea for recharging and recovering from long days and stressful times. It helps you take a moment to reconnect and regroup before entering back into this busy season of life. 

So as you gear up for this busy ((and wonderful)) time of year, remember those three things. and let Renaissance Well Fitness help you through! 

Source: American Massage Therapy Association

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