Massage Therapy

Massage is good medicine.

Research shows regular massage therapy reduces chronic pain and anxiety, alleviates stress, improves blood pressure, heart function and fitness!


Our In-Studio Services Include:

  • Sports Massage - a therapy targeted to athletes and those who are physically active. Sports massage therapies rely on their experience, advanced understanding of anatomy, physiology, injury pathology, and critical thinking skills to apply the best techniques at the right time. A sports massage takes into consideration the timing, setting, common stress areas, training schedule, and other therapies to holistically support the body and treat musculoskeletal conditions. Overall, a sports massage aims to prevent and treat injuries and enhance performance such as improving blood flow, range of motion, agility, and flexibility through manipulation of the body's soft tissues.

  • Swedish Massage - the most popular form of massage therapy that targets the upper most layer of muscles to promote relaxation, increased energy and post-injury recovery. This type of massage combines long, kneading strokes, rhythmic tapping strokes and joint movement to enhance overall wellness, reduce pain and ease stress.

  • Deep Tissue Massage - this therapeutic massage targets the deepest muscle tissue layer, also known as the myofascial tissue, through use of fingers, thumbs, and elbows in slow, deep strokes and friction to provide relief for people with chronic pain or lingering injuries and is very effective in treating repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel or tennis elbow and reduces symptoms of arthritis.

  • Trigger Point Massage - also known as neuromuscular massage, this therapy is applied to neural reflex and trigger points or "knots" of tense muscle through cycles of isolated pressure, release and deep breathing to improve nueromuscular interaction and alleviate pain. Trigger points refer to hypersensitive muscle tissue that creates localized tenderness and may also result in pain elsewhere in the body.