Personal Chef Services

Your health - one bite at a time.

We believe in eating real food, and we love to create delicious healthy meals with that in mind. We offer catering to private events and individuals. We create custom-tailored meals to suit your dietary restrictions and preferences and to meet your overall nutrition needs.


Our Customized Services Include:

  • Preparing tasty and nutrient-dense foods to reach your health goals.

  • In-home consultation to determine the needs of you and your family. We will explore dietary and overall wellness needs, food likes and dislikes, and any food sensitivities and/or special food requirements.

  • Shopping for the Best and Freshest Local Ingredients.

  • Prepare, package and store all meals in the comfort of your home

  • Mindful eating principles/tips which supports in building a healthier relationship with food and is beneficial for overall health

  • A personalized menu plan that you'll love and will help you achieve your best body

  • Clean up after each session, leaving your kitchen net and organized